The Journey Begins

My Family!!!!

As For Me And My House…We Will Serve The Lord.

Joshua 24:15

As with any new venture, I suppose it is customary to introduce myself. My name is Jon Terry and in this picture is the who’s who of my family. I am by far the least of my family members. I love to lead and serve this crazy Jesus loving family. My wife’s name Is Katie. And most men will say that their wife is their better half. Well…they would be right. My wife is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me, besides Jesus of course. I often say that she came into my life and screwed everything up. In a great way though!!!

On the top left is my oldest son Zack. He is 14 years old, goofy as can be, and is a phenomenal big brother. Zack and I love watching professional wrestling together. That’s right!!! You read that right!!! Judge us later lol.

Next, below Zack, is one half of the dynamic munchkin twins, Kaden. Or as I like to call him…Kaden-Bo-Baden. He is 6 years old and LOVES to sing, dance and play sports.

Next to Kaden, directly in the middle, is our youngest 2 year old Natalie. She is full of energy, spunk and just as cute as can be.

And the last little princess, all the way to the right, but certainly not least, is Analise who is the twin sister to Kaden which also means she is 6 years old. She is the epitome of a girly girl. If she had her choice she would wear a pretty dress all day every day. She loves dolls, having her Bible read to her nightly and she is her mommy’s shadow.

And that’s the Terry Family!!!! We are a family who loves Jesus, loves people and we have a blast living for Jesus and serving the great folks of New Hope Alive in Reese Michigan and desire to see the Thumb Area of Michigan experience an everlasting encounter with the King of kings, Jesus Christ!

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