Pro Wrestling And The Church

Most people who know me, personally, know that I am a HUGE pro wrestling fan. That’s right….I said it!!! I have even said it from the pulpit!!! Laugh if you must but I find it entertaining lol. Although I did stop watching it for years due to the filth that was being allowed on the shows.

One of my favorite wrestlers is named Christian. He was also known as Christian Cage. His real name is William Jason Reso. But I will stick with Christian for now.

At any rate, I remember watching this dude wrestle in his prime and MAN he is a gifted wrestler. And he oozed of charisma. He made it look so easy. He just flowed in all his matches. In fact, a lot of his peers, who wrestled him during his prime, all stated that they enjoyed wrestling Christian and that he gave them a smooth great match.

5 Time World Champion, Christian

One of the main things I love about pro wrestling, is when the wrestlers music starts playing and watching the fans reaction. Us wrestling fans call this a “POP”. This is when the fans jump to their feet and go crazy for the wrestler making their way down to the ring. What I noticed about Christian, several times, was that when his music would play, he would get one of the loudest “POPS” of the night. But during his match, the crowd was quiet. BUT…they were watching. And at the end of the match they would cheer him for the performance he gave. And trust me it was deserved.

What the fans, and myself, were watching was this smooth great ring technician put on a wrestling clinic for us. It was amazing to watch. All his holds, moves, charisma and ring psychology came into play watching Christian and his opponent put on an amazing match. I can honestly say that I do not believe I have ever seen a bad match that Christian was in.

One of my favorite preachers, on this whole planet, is my brother Andrew Terry. Not only is he an amazing preacher but he is a Godly man, amazing leader and is Co-President of a Homeless Shelter in Lapeer Michigan called the Refuge. The vision and heart that God has given my brother, and his wife Tabitha, for this ministry is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see where God leads him as he leads this organization.

As with most Pastor’s, we will not turn the pulpits over to just anybody to speak, teach or preach. We want to get to know them, where they stand doctrinely (is that even a word) etc. And while my brother and I do have differences in doctrine, I fully trust him to fill the pulpit for me and in my absence.

Here recently, I had my brother come in and preach for me, with me present, on the Great Commission. It was a PHENOMENAL message. And I am not just saying this because hes my brother. He knows very well that if he asked me how I felt about the message I would tell him, in private, and be honest. My brother gave an altar call at the end of the message but no one came to the altar. I encouraged him and told him that I gave a similar altar call a few weeks prior and it is not a reflection of him.

Pastor Andrew Terry, The Refuge Homeless Shelter of Lapeer

I went to most of the flock, in New Hope Alive, and asked them how they liked the message the Lord spoke through my brother and, literally, every one of them said they were floored by the amazing message that was preached by God through him.

You see, my preaching style, if you will, is more evangelistic. I shout alot, I am very animated with some “hell fire and brimstone”. My brother though, is more of a teacher. But when he teaches, those who are in attendance, are quiet, attentive, taking notes and completely in tune with what God is speaking through Andy to those who are listening willingly.

My brother is like Christian. When Christian wrestles, the fans are silent, watching a true technician put on a clinic. And when Andy preaches, he teaches a dynamic message, from God, and gives those in attendance a clinic on what Gods Word says. In my eyes, Christian is a legend in professional wrestling. And in my eyes, and so many others, my brother is a true man of God who teaches a dynamic, but easy to understand message from the Lord. Now that is a legacy I would love to follow.

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